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The IC of GB vs The Seniors Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain

The IC of GB vs The Seniors Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain

St George's Hill Lawn Tennis Club

The match between the IC of GB and the Seniors Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain has been running for over 60 years.  For many years the match has been played at St. George’s Hill Tennis Club.  There was much anticipation that the match would be on grass.  Unfortunately, a torrential down pour 2 days before meant the grass was unplayable as the area has a high water table.  It was however, warm and dry.

Michael Dawe the SLTC captain arranged an excellent meal which was taken in the splendid surroundings of the club’s lake.  No match was held last year due to the pandemic, so this match reunited tennis friends from the home counties and beyond. 

Result:  Draw 4:4 split   

Over 45: SLTC ½ : ICGB 3 ½              Over 60: SLTC 3 ½ : ICGB ½


Over 45:

Ian Udel & James Acheson-Gray vs Adam Boucher & Chris Hearn                   D 6/3/6/7

                                                      vs Richard Ground & Jon Entract                  L 4/6 2/6

Paul England & Tony Ballardie      vs Adam Boucher & Chris Hearn                  L 3/6 3/6

                                                       vs Richard Ground & Jon Entract                 L 3/6 2/6


Over 60:

Paul French & Michael Dawevs     vs Richard Walmsley & Tony King                W 6/1 6/5

                                                       vs Peter Hannon & Boyd Cuthbertson          W 3/2 6/0

Arun  Vethakhan & Godfrey Evans vs Richard Walmsley & Tony King               W 6/2 6/3

                                                        vs Peter Hannon & Boyd Cuthbertson         D 6/3 6/7



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