Roll of Honour

The IC of GB Sportsmanship Award is given to a British player who either over the course of his/her career or in a single situation has shown an admirable attitude as a sportsman or sportswoman.

1995 Mr M.J. Bates
1996 Miss J.M. Durie
1997 Mr W.A. Knight
1998 Mr D.E. Sapsford
1999 Mr T.H. Henman
2000 Miss E.E. Jelfs
2001 Mr R. Taylor MBE
2002 Mr G.L. Paish MBE
2003 Mr B.A. Cowan
2004 Mr A.R. Mills OBE
2005 Mrs A.S. Jones MBE
2006 Mr A.M. Jarrett
2008 Mr P.R. Hutchins MBE
2009 Miss A. Keothavong
2010 Mr J.E. Barrett MBE
2011 Mr G. Rusedski
2012 Mr M. Cox MBE
2013 Mr J. Marray
2014 Mr R. Hutchins
2015 Mrs A. Barrett MBE
2016 GB Davis Cup Team
2017 Miss S.V. Wade OBE
2018 Mrs C.C. Janes MBE
2019 Mrs S. Barker OBE 
2020 Mr G. Reid MBE
2021 Miss A.N. Croft
2022 Miles Maclagan