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IC Week - Windmill and Mercelis Trophies

IC Week - Windmill and Mercelis Trophies

17th - 20th August 2017

Result: Men finished 7th, Ladies finished 5th
Venue: Tennis Club 1899 Blau-Weiss, Berlin

IC Week 2017 was hosted by the IC of Germany on the red clay of the Tennis Club 1899 Blau-Weiss in Berlin.  The weather was generally kind and the format was two 45+ singles and a doubles, and two open men’s singles and a doubles. 

The team was treated to a fantastic evening on Friday at the palace theatre on Friedrichstrasse for a three-course dinner and to see the show “The One” - an international show involving amazing trapeze displays, dancing and costumes.  

On the Saturday night, there was a Jubilee Dinner hosted by the IC of Germany at the Seminaris Campus Hotel. Barry Weatherill was awarded the IC of Germany Sportsmanship Award, known as the "Gottfried", 'after Gottfreid von Cramm, the famous German Davis Cup player and three times Wimbledon finalist'.

At the Sunday presentation the IC of GB captain, Seb Jackson, was also awarded honorary membership of the IC of Germany.

Special thanks must go to Alexander Kurucz of the IC of Germany for all his efforts in organising such a great event and to Jeremy Woods for agreeing to come and play at the ripe old age of 68 at the last minute so we could field a full team.

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable event with great camaraderie amongst our men’s and ladies teams and across the other ICs.

Men's Results (IC of GB players listed first)

Day 1 | IC of GB 6 - 0 IC of Canada
Timur Shadiev beat Stauble 6-0 6-2
Seb Jackson beat Marinkovic 6-2 6-3
Paul Scullard beat Boyce 6-0 6-0
Jeremy Woods beat Pellew 5-7 6-1 11-9

Timur Shadiev & Seb Jackson beat Marinkovic & Stauble 6-2 6-4
Paul Scullard & Jeremy Woods beat Boyce & Pellew 6-7 6-4 (10-7)

Day 2 | IC of GB 0 - 6 IC of Belgium (Quarterfinal)
Timur Shadiev lost to Morretti 2-6 0-6
Seb Jackson lost to Lovinfosse 4-6 1-6
Paul Scullard lost to Thys 2-6 4-6
Jeremy Woods lost to Vanderveeren 1-6 1-6

Timur Shadiev & Seb Jackson lost to Morretti & Lovinfosse w/0
Paul Scullard & Jeremy Woods lost to Thys & Vanderveeren 4-6 3-6

Day 3 | IC of GB 3 - 3 IC of USA (USA win on sets count back)
Timur Shadiev lost to Orban 4-6 0-6
Seb Jackson beat Stahl 6-4 6-7 (10-6)
Paul Scullard beat Kuchta 3-6 7-6 (10-8)
Jeremy Woods lost to Garvin 1-6 0-6

Timur Shadiev & Seb Jackson beat Orban & Stahl 6-3 6-2
Paul Scullard & Jeremy Woods lost to Kuchta & Garvin 2-6 1-6

Day 4 | IC of GB 5 - 1 IC of Switzerland
Seb Jackson beat Della Piana 6-3 6-2
Jeremy Woods lost to de Bruyn 6-3 6-1

Switzerland conceded the other four rubbers.

Ladies Results (IC of GB players listed first)

Day 1 | IC of GB 1 - 2 IC of France
Francis Hendry lost to Marie Ambroisne Faure 4-6 4-6
Katie Shaw lost to Olivia Fery Gravereux 1-6 1-6
Francis Hendry & Susie Dart lost to Marine Saladin & Virgine Vandermeersh 4-6 1-6 (3-10)

Day 2 | IC of GB 3 - 0 IC of Ireland
Francis Hendry beat Maria Morrison 3-6 2-6
Katie Shaw beat Jane Conan 6-0 6-1
Francis Hendry & Susie Dart beat Jane Conan & Maria Morrisey 6-1 6-2

Day 3 | IC of GB 3 - 0 IC of Belgium
Francis Hendry beat Caroline Remus 6-0 6-2
Katie Shaw beat Diane Guns 3-6 6-3 (10-8)
Francis Hendry & Susie Dart beat Diane Guns & Remy 6-4 6-4

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