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IC of Ireland

IC of Ireland

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Result: IC of GB 3 - 8 IC of Ireland
Venue: Sutton LTC, Dublin

The IC of Ireland beat the British team 8 - 3 at Sutton LTC in Dublin, Ireland. Captained by Peter Hannon, the British team featured Siobhan Nicholson, Karen Cass, Judy Horn, Sarah Thomas, Jane Hannon, Andrew Smith, Anders Johansson and Brian Lawlor. 

Our hosts, Tom and Mary Barry very kindly put on a superb party on the Friday evening at their house and following a competitive match on Saturday both teams were treated to a fantastic evening in a local seaside restaurant and night caps at Howth Yacht Club. The IC of Ireland President, Bryan Smyth, was awarded honorary membership of the IC of GB.

The weekend was very sociable and huge success (bar the result!). Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and our thanks to the IC of Ireland for being wonderful hosts.

Results (IC of GB listed first)

Siobhan Nicholson & Sarah Thomas lost to Lesley O'Halloran & Carmel O'Hare 6-0 6-1
Karen Cass & Judy Horn lost to Gina Niland & Niamh Kennedy 7-6 6-2
Siobhan Nicholson & Jane Hannon beat Gina Niland & Niamh Kennedy 6-2 6-0
Karen Cass & Judy Horn lost to Lesley O'Halloran & Carmel O'Hare 6-2 6-1

Peter Hannon & Brian Lawlor lost to Pat Guiry & John Boylan 6-3 7-5
Andrew Smith & Anders Johansson beat Bryan Smyth & Tom Barry 6-3 6-3
Peter Hannon & Brian Lawlor lost to Bryan Smyth & Tom Barry 7-6 rtd
Andrew Smith & Anders Johansson lost to Pat Guiry & John Boylan 6-1 6-2

Siobhan Nicholson & Brian Lawlor beat Gina Niland & John Boylan 6-4 7-6
Karen Cass & Anders Johansson lost to Lesley O'Halloran & Pat Guiry 4-6 6-3 (10-8)
Judy Horn & Andrew Smith lost to Carmel O'Hare & Tom Barry 6-1 6-3



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