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Virtual AGM and Executive Committee Meetings

Virtual AGM and Executive Committee Meetings

Both Executive Committee meetings and the IC AGM for 2020 still took place on their usual weekends but like everyone in the world, things were a bit different and they were held virtually over zoom. However, all three meetings were efficient and successful – key takeaways shown below.

Sunday 31st May 2020 – Executive Committee Meeting

  • The Chairman reported that Rafael Nadal has graciously accepted the IC Jean Borotra CQS Sportsmanship Award. The granting ceremony is still to be re-arranged.
  • Finances and IC Philanthropy update and discussion
  • Events – all cancelled (some subsequently) due to Covid-19
  • Alumni networks – work has commenced to build up a network for the Potter Cup and IC Junior Challenge participants, who can be convened closer to the IC Community, strengthening our network of active members

Sunday 5th July 2020 – IC Annual General Meeting

  • 59 participants in attendance

  • Business Returns 2019 – 38 out of 42 ICs responded to the survey. The 2019 IC Business Report can be found here.

  • Executive Committee recommend that ICs work together regionally to support and learn from one another through Covid-19 – starting with zoom meetings in smaller groups

  • The Chairman and Executive Committee expressed their immense gratitude to Julian Tatum, a longstanding member of the Executive Committee who has been instrumental for decades in many important initiatives

  • The following slate of candidates was presented for election to the Executive Committee:
    a. Thierry Pham, Permanent Member (France)
    b. Alex Kurucz (Europe)
    c. Des Shaw (Australasia)
    d. Philippe Pinet (replacing Gustavo Herrero) for South America Regional Representative
    e. Kit Spencer (Events)

  • Finances update – full update can be found in the minutes section, in the members login area

  • IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge Worldwide Finals – postponed to 2021

  • The Professional Game – work being carried out by the ICs of Australia (Beyond the Tour initiative) and the United States (Career Supportive Initiative) to assist active and retiring tour players in their post-play careers and lives. Further information can be found at www.beyondthetour.com.au and on Facebook @BTTIC.

  • IC Philanthropy - Since inception in 2010, in excess of 15,000 disadvantaged or disabled children and young people have attended and benefitted from the ICP Foundation’s programmes. The ICP Foundation is supporting 14 programmes again in 2020, that are in different stages of activity, due to the pandemic

Sunday 8th November 2020 – Executive Committee Meeting

  • Finances and the impact of Covid-19. A full update can be found in the minutes section, in the members login area
  • Events update – including rescheduling fixtures, the impact on the IC Rod Laver Worldwide Junior Challenge Finals (postponed to November 2021), and the proposal for a younger IC Council event
  • Business returns - the EC agreed that next year, the business returns questionnaire would not be distributed and collected for each IC, given this unique year and halt of IC activity. Although, Regional Representatives will continue to work with their ICs to support the issues raised in this year’s report
  • An additional EC Meeting will be adjourned in January 2021 to focus on events for 2021 onwards


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