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The Compass Group - One of our key sponsors

The Compass Group - One of our key sponsors

Started in 1941 when they established factory canteens to feed British workers supporting the war effort, The Compass Group has grown today into a £18bn multi-national group with 516,000 employees.

The operations span 10,000 sites across the UK and Ireland alone, in the core sectors of Business and Industry, Healthcare, Education, Defence, Offshore and Remote locations plus Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality. They are also into cleaning and security contracts.

They supply catering to many major tennis events including Wimbledon, The French Open, The US Open, and The French Indoor (Bercy).

Their operations take place in all the countries where we have an International Club, (plus 10 more) so they are a very good fit.

Compass Group UK, were the original sponsors of The IC Junior Challenge. Initially, they only sponsored the European Junior Challenge, plus a subsidy for airfares to get the players to the World-wide finals.

Today they have increased their support and are now the title sponsor for all our Junior Challenges throughout the world, as well as the Finals.

So you can see why we are extremely grateful to The Compass group for their continuing support.


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