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Introduction from Barry Weatherill, Chairman, IC Philanthropy Foundation

IC Philanthropy Foundation (ICP)
ICP has been active since 2010, and applies its funds for coaching, facilities, equipment and in the running of programmes. These programmes are designed to help young people with learning difficulties and children from deprived regions and communities where there are fewer opportunities, limited facilities and little or no funding for sport. Our goal is to teach life skills through tennis and to give children the belief that anything is possible even in difficult circumstances. To date we have supported 15 programmes managed or overseen by ICs around the world. As tennis players many of us will remember those early years when we struggled to learn the game. At the same time, given the enormous pleasure that playing tennis has given us, we are also grateful for the fun and opportunity the game has provided.
Below is a summary of the Birmingham programme which ICP supports.
The work is supported by donations from individuals and Foundations and is run by volunteers from the IC family. Please visit our website if you are interested in learning more about our recent activities
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Community Tennis Programme
The UK programme is run in Birmingham at locations adjacent to deprived areas of Birmingham. As well as teaching children to play tennis, the programme also promotes core values and disciplines such as respect, punctuality, healthy eating, hygiene and sportsmanship. The programme has attracted over 10,000 people to play tennis for the first time and has introduced tennis to over 5,000 children in local schools from disadvantaged areas. It has also helped over 50 disabled young people to play tennis and has weekly sessions aimed at improving and sustaining mental health. Currently in lockdown, activities have been set up for children in the local community via social media e.g. quizzes, challenges and zoom sessions. To satisfy the Trustee Board that donations received by ICP reach the target of more needy communities in each jurisdiction, ICP is using existing analyses country by country to seek to ensure that the grants made are reaching the intended group of beneficiaries. In the case of Birmingham by using the Index of Multiple Deprivation in England (this relies on post codes) we have concluded that 23% of the kids attending the programme are from the 10% most deprived areas of England and 77% are from the 50% most deprived areas.


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