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13 May 2013 - Bradfield College

The 52nd Match between The International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain and Bradfield College.

Played at Bradfield on Monday 13th May 2013

IC of GB                                             Bradfield

Jonny Barr & Adrian Blackman     beat  Harry Quartermaine & Danny Tomlinson

                                                            beat  Seth Dunford & Penn Frank

                                                            beat  Calum Perry & Edmund Wintar     

Andrew Creighton & James Booth beat  Harry Quartermaine & Danny Tomlinson

                                                            beat  Seth Dunford & Penn Frank

                                                            beat  Calum Perry & Edmund Wintar

Jonny Vincent & Gian Luca de Arcangelis  beat  Quartermaine &  Tomlinson

                                                            lost to  Seth Dunford & Penn Frank

                                                            lost to  Calum Perry & Edmund Wintar

Di Hunter & Karen                            beat  Louisa Gray & Charlotte Masquelier-Page

                                                             beat  Lucy Collins & Daria Galianova            

Fayleen Billington & Flo Kipling     beat  Louisa Gray & Charlotte Masquelier-Page

                                                             drew with  Lucy Collins & Daria Galianova      

                           IC of GB   10 ½      Bradfield   2 ½

Supporters: Chris and Jen Gorringe, Tony Billington.

The match was played outside on the hard courts with brief interruptions for two showers. Although the result was one sided the men’s matches in particular were closely contested. The supporters were particularly grateful to have been replaced this year by younger members. Dunford and Frank the Bradfield second pair both aged 15 showed considerable promise. The match was greatly enjoyed by both teams and was followed by a splendid dinner in college.   Consideration should be given to moving the date to earlier in the term to avoid conflict with exams as the Bradfield team was not at full strength.

Tony Billington