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Austria and Switzerland at Edgbaston Priory

Our guests for this years Pre Wimbledon event were the ICs of Austria and Switzerland,and as is customary their six day event starts at the Edgbaston Priory Club.Both teams sent very good quality players with the IC of Austria comprising of ten men and one woman and the IC of Switzerland having five men and three women. Unfortunately, due to a couple of reasons, we were unable to play the matches on the grass courts, which was very unfortunate for our guests, but they had a full days play of tennis,which they seem to enjoy thoroughly, with the Swiss being the overall winners. 

A big thank you goes to David Waite our chairman and his wife Gill for making the trip to Birmingham, and it was quite fitting that the IC of Austria made David an honorary member of their club.

We are very grateful once again to Rob Bray,Micky Fallows and the Edgbaston Priory Club for their support in letting us use their club and we all wish them the best for their next stage of development which will be finishing in May 2013