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28 May - Over 30 and under 30 match

The result was 6-0 to the Under 30's.
With a growing number of younger IC of GB members the Committee decided that it would be great to trial a new fixture during the year which was aimed more at our under 30s.  With this in mind the inaugural Men's match between the Under 30s and Over 30s was played on 28 May at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.  Each team had four players, with each player playing a singles and a doubles in the day.  Despite there being some very close matches, two of the singles being decided by match tie-breaks, the 'Unders' won through 6-0.  We had some very positive feedack from those playing and thanks go to Dave Collins, Gary Stewart, Ross Niland and Richard Ground for the overs and David Culshaw, Gary Thomson, James Collautti and Jim May for the 'Unders'.  Thank you also to Lee Myers and staff at the NTC for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities and providing excellent lunch and tea.
The success of this first fixture means it will continue and possibly grow.  It is hoped that an equivalent Ladies fixture and / or a mixed fixture will also be introduced.  
Jim May

Captain under 30's