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IC of Ireland – Peter Jackson Trophy, 12th July 2009

GB won by 10 sets to 8 to retain the Peter Jackson Trophy
Irish IC
Michelle Bennett
Gillian Chandler
Gary Kilduff
Liam Cassidy
Niall Murphy (C)
Mick Lynch
John Boylan
Bernard McCormack
IC of GB
Barbara Snapes 
Pippa Britton
David Gorman
Rob Searle
Nick Basing
Boyd Cuthbertson
Peter Hannon (C)
Richard Stoakes
Match format:
2 x Mens Singles
2 x Mens Doubles
1 x Ladies Doubles
2 x Mens Doubles
2 x Mixed Doubles
Total of 9 matches (each set is 1/2 point)
Individual Results
Rob Searle vs Gary Kilduff 5/7 7/6
David Gorman vs Mick Lynch 7/6 4/6
P Hannon & R Stoakes vs L Cassidy & N Murphy 4/6 6/3
N Basing & B Cuthbertson vs J Boylan & B McCormack 4/6 2/6
B Snapes & P Britton vs M Bennett & G Chandler 6/3 6/3
D Gorman & R Searle vs G Kilduff & M Lynch  6/3 4/6
P Hannon & R Stoakes vs J Boylan & N Murphy 4/6 7/5
N Basing & P Britton vs L Cassidy & G Chandler 6/3 6/1
B Cuthbertson & B Snapes vs B McCormack & M Bennett 3/6 6/1
The team of 8, plus 6 supporters travelled over on the Friday morning. A gentle stroll around the centre of Dublin and Trinity College (in fair weather!), plus a few watering stops, was followed by a great visit to the Guinness Storehouse, thanks to tickets supplied by John McArdle. We would recommend the Storehouse to anyone visiting Dublin - very informative and finishes up with a pint of Guinness served in the Gravity Bar which has a superb view of Dublin.
After the match on Saturday at Lansdowne LTC (oldest tennis club in Ireland) the Irish IC showed us superb hospitality with a wonderful bbq, accompanied by a free bar and lots of friendly conversation. Many thanks to all involved (especially Tommy Burke, President of the Irish IC) - we know much work went into the arrangements to make the match day and evening so enjoyable for all our team and supporters.
On Sunday, social tennis was organised for those who wanted to play at the Fitzwilliam LTC, after which we all took the DART (train) to the pretty seaside town of Malahide – incidentally the venue for the very first IC of Ireland v IC of GB fixture in 1999. A lovely afternoon was spent in Cruzzo’s Restaurant which overlooked the marina, after which it was just a short taxi ride to the airport for the journey home.

Peter Hannon thanks all the team members for making the weekend so enjoyable and successful!