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Maharajah of Kutch tennis trophy and the Allen Coldham and Benny Bethet Golf trophy, 10th - 12th July 2009


I am pleased to report that the tennis trophy was won back this year from the French who have held it since 1994. The result was –

Wins  8,  Losses 3.

The grass courts at Rye were in near perfect condition and even after overnight rain on Saturday continued to play well on Sunday.

We were all impressed by the newly built clubhouse and the generous help and hospitality received from the Rye members with special mention of David and Susie Martin and Freddie Menzies.

Henk had a slight health problem but managed to persuade Mike Francis to step in at the last minute.  Mike Francis had a magnificent win over Dominique Legat in a long match culminating in a tie break. Benson Greatrex brought down the great Patrice Beust in a straight sets win.  Henk and Ann Marie continued to support throughout the week end.


Britain ; Francis Candy, Sally Holdsworth, Benson Greatrex, David Martin, Mike Francis, Mike Stotesbury.

France; Jacqueline Bernelle, Caroline Glaszmann, Daniel Alexandre, Patrice Beust, Dominique Legat.


Rye links were a little dry but rain during the week provided a “whisper” of grass. It was a fine day with just enough wind to make it difficult enough. We needed two members, so Freddie Menzies stepped as a guest of our IC and had a convincing win.

The intention was to play 27 holes of foursomes and on that basis, GB had a victory of either 2 to 1 or three to one. The French felt a draw was the appropriate result, so in order to maintain the “Entente Cordial” we graciously accepted.


Britain;  Henk Nijeboer, Freddie Menzies, Benson Greatrex and Mike Stotesbury.

France; Patrice Beust, Daniel Alexandre, Michelo Bouffard and Jean Luis Thiebault.

I believe the week end was considered to be a great success by all concerned. The trophies will next be competed for in France 2011.

Mike Stotesbury