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Match Result: IC of GB 8, IC of The Netherlands 5.5 and IC of Australia 2.5
Date: Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Venue: Edgbaston Priory 

The Edgbaston Priory club once again generously played host to a pre-Wimbledon triangular IC international match, this year between Great Britain, Holland and Australia. Despite it being only a few days after the international ladies tournament, the grounds men prepared four superb grass courts for the match and, although rain threatened, it never arrived and so a full day’s tennis was enjoyed on grass. 

A strong British team scored some notable victories. Our President elect, Mark Cox beat the highly ranked Dutchman, Hans Adama van Scheltema 6-0, 7-6 and the head coach at Edgbaston, Leyla Ogan beat Australian ex-tour player and current tour coach, Sarah Stone in two tight sets. Our President and Chairman, David Waite then teamed up to beat another strong Dutch pair. 

The vagaries of organisation meant that there was a marked difference in the size of the teams and the number of matches each played. So, the raw scores were subject to a mathematical sleight of hand to correct for this which gave an overall result of Great Britain 8, Holland 5.5 and Australia 2.5. These scores were then carried into the second leg of the match held two days later at St George’s. 

After the match, the club hosted the teams for a wonderful dinner where there were only passing references to Brexit and new trade deals. The Dutch captain, Evert Schneider, magnanimously offered to help British IC members obtain their travel visas for any return match in Holland!


Leyla Ogan GB beat Sarah Stone AUS

Mark Cox GB beat Hans Adama van Scheltema HOL

Alan Purnell GB beat Just Barth HOL

Tony King GB lost to Johan Vekemans HOL

Fried Schmitz & Johan Vekermans HOL beat Terry Stone & Noel Jenson AUS

Anthea Stewart & Lorraine Gracie GB beat Kerryn Pratt & Karen Resende AUS

Gary Penberthy & John Stephens AUS beat Rob Kuipers & Jaap Arends HOL

Mark Cox & David Waite GB beat Hans Adama van Scheltema & Evert Schneider HOL

Alec Davidson & Philip Siviter GB beat Phil King GB & Just Barth HOL

Tony King & Anthea Stewart GB beat Terry Stone & Karen Resende AUS

Jenny Waggart & Jackie Robinson GB beat Helen Muir & Maureen Pratt AUS

Leyla Ogan GB & Rob Kuipers HOL beat Sarah Stone & John Stephens AUS

Philip Siviter & Lorraine Gracie GB beat Noel Jenson & Kerryn Pratt AUS

Alec Davidson & Jenny Waggart GB lost to Gary Penberthy & Helen Muir AUS