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Match Result - Tennis: IC of GB 20 - 1 IC of India
Date: Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd October 2015
Venue: The Queen’s Club and The AELTC

Captained by Raj Ranawat, the IC of GB welcomed a touring team from India across consecutive days at The Queen’s Club and The All England Lawn Tennis Club.

The first match day started with a tour of The Queen’s Club for the visitors followed by doubles and mixed doubles matches, in different age categories. Team GB did well on the courts and won 11 of the 12 matches played - sadly Phil King was injured during his last doubles match and had to retire.

The official dinner was hosted in the President’s room and the Chairman of The Queen’s Club, Tim Cockroft and the CEO Andrew Stewart joined us for a drink.  Tim Cockroft gave a brief speech about the club and its history.  Toni Thompson and Philip Siviter said a few words to welcome the Indian team and about the long association between the ICs of India and Great Britain.

All participants felt privileged to be at the AELTC on the second day; they expressed their appreciation and gratitude to have had the opportunity to be able to play and enjoy the club.  For one of their player’s, Dechu Moola, this was her second visit to the AELTC.  Her first visit one was in 1959, when she played Junior Wimbledon.  She was the first Indian female to have competed at Wimbledon.

David Waite presented Ms. Sohini Kumari with an honorary membership of the IC of GB.  The gesture was reciprocated by the Indian team captain, Raveen Chaudary who presented Anne Clarke and Phil Cooper honorary memberships of the IC of India.  To close the fixture, the captain of the Indian team presented Toni Thompson, as captain of IC of GB, with a plate commemorating the victory and event. 

Results - IC of GB players listed first

Friday Tennis
Penny Sheehan & Toni Thompson beat Udaya Kumar & Sohini Kumari 8-7 (7-3)
Phil King & Tony King beat Sanjeev Manchanda & Raveen Chaudhary 8-1
Keith Bland & Phil Siviter beat Somnath Bose & Jaideep Date 7-6
Raj Ranawat & Chris Clark beat Amitabh Sood & Gaurav Kumar 8-3
Phil King & Keith Bland beat Raveen Chaudhary & Sanjeev Manchanda 6-2
Toni King & Penny Sheehan beat Sabyasachi Bose & Deechu Moola 6-0
Chris Clark & Toni Thompson beat Amitabh Sood & Sohini Kumari 6-1
Phil Siviter & Raj Ranawat beat Rohit Sharma & Somnath Bose 6-3
Tony King & Chris Clark beat Amitabh Sood & Gaurav Kumar 8-5
Penny Sheehan & Phil Siviter beat Somnath Bose & Deeha Moola 6-0
Toni Thompson & Raj Ranawat beat Sabyasachi Bose & Udaya Kumar 8-1
Keith Bland & Phil King lost to Jaydeep Date & Rohit Sharma 5-3 rtd

Saturday Tennis
Anne Clark & Jenny Waggot beat Sohini Kumari & Udaya Kumar 6-2 6-4
Chrissie Runnicles & David Waite beat Deechu Moola & Rohit Sharma 6-1 6-1
Keith Bland & Phil Cooper beat Gaurav Kumar & Amitabh Sood 6-4 6-1
David Culshaw & Tony King beat Rohit Sharma & Jaydeep Date 6-0 6-2
Chris Clark & Venki Sundarum beat Gaurav Kumar & Sanjeev Manchanda 6-1 6-1
Phil Cooper & Raj Ranawat beat Raveen Chaudhary & Amitabh Sood 6-2 6-2
David Culshaw & Venki Sundarum beat Jaydeep Date & Somnath Bose 6-1 6-4
Keith Bland & Chris Clark beat Sanjeev Manchanda & Rohit Sharma 6-1 6-0
Phil Cooper & David Waite beat Sabyasachi Bose & Somnath Bose 6-3 6-2