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The IC of Italy and IC of Mexico were this year’s guests during the build up to The Championships, Wimbledon. The touring teams enjoyed the wonderful surroundings of The Edgbaston Priory Club, St George’s Hill and The Hurlingham as they played three matches against various IC of GB teams.

There were many highlights throughout the series of organised events and both teams commented on how much they enjoyed attending the IC Ball at The Dorchester, the IC Reception, Exhibition Match and Garden Party at The Hurlingham, and of particular note – Centre Court at Wimbledon on the first Monday where the reigning men’s Champion, Andy Murray, opened proceedings at The Championships.

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IC Ball (Reception drinks)
IC Ball (Dinner, speeches and entertainment)

IC Exhibition Match

IC of Italy and Mexico at The Hurlingham Club
IC of Italy and Mexico at St George’s Hill

Edgbaston Priory  Match
Result: TBC
Event Date: Wednesday 18th June 2014
Venue: The Edgbaston Priory Club

Awaiting Match Results...

Result: IC of GB 7, IC of Italy 3, IC of Mexico 3
Event Date: Friday 20th June 2014
Venue: St George’s Hill

The IC of Great Britain was pleased to host visiting teams representing the IC’s of Italy and Mexico respectively on the superb grass courts of St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club. The weather was warm and sunny and grass court play was possible throughout the day.

The matches were mainly doubles and, as one would expect, they were played in a friendly yet competitive spirit. Early victories for our guests were countered early afternoon, following a most enjoyable buffet lunch, by the arrival of strong reinforcements for the IC of GB. Although of relatively minor significance the home team ended with a comfortable margin of overall victories, yet all the matches were very keenly contested.

After Pimms by the Lake in the early evening sunshine the teams enjoyed an excellent supper provided by St George’s Hill. The IC of GB would like to express its sincere thanks to the Chairman, Board and staff of St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club for allowing us use of their unique facilities and providing such excellent hospitality.

Chris Clark & David Collins (GB) beat Ricardo Rodarte & Damian Rodriguez  (MEX) 6-2 6-4
Roger Ambrose & Henk Nijeboer (GB) lost to Javier Ordaz & Roberto Pulido  (MEX) 2-6 4-6
Gianfranca Favia & Umberto Fusca (ITA) beat Luis Bujan & Jose Lopez (MEX) 6-4 3-6 (10)
Mauro Ricevuti & Giancarlo Santi (ITA) lost to Raul Contreras & Alvaro Cantu (MEX) 2-6 3-6
Derek Howorth & Barry Weatherill (GB) lost to Edoardo Bianchi & Francesco Segnatini (ITA) 2-6 0-6
Andrew Ambrose & David Waite (GB) lost to Nando Cavalleri & Dante Susinno (ITA) 3-6 4-6
Keith Bland & Mike Dawe (GB) lost to Javier Ordaz & Ricardo Darte (MEX) 2-6 3-6
Julian Tatum & Henk Nijeboer (GB) beat Alvaro Cantu & Luis Bujan (MEX) 6-3 6-3
Andrew Ambrose & Roger Ambrose (GB) beat Raul Contreras & Roberto Pulido (MEX) 6-1 6-1
Henk Nijeboer & David Waite (GB) beat Dante Susinno & Umberto Fusco (ITA) 6-2 2-0 rtd
Chris Gorringe & Di Hunter (GB) beat Roberto Hess & Magda Cantu (MEX) 6-2 6-1
Keith Bland & Chris Clark (GB) beat Gianfranco Favia & Francesco Segnatini (ITA) 6-0 6-1
David Collins & Mike Dawe (GB) beat Damian Dominguez & Jose Lopez (MEX) 6-2 6-4
Edoardo Bianchi & Barry Weatherill (GB) vs Francesco Segnatini (ITA) & Derek Howorth (GB) 2-6 unfinished
George Robinson (GB) vs Damian Rodriguez (MEX) 6-2 unfinished

Result: IC of GB 8, IC of Italy 1 and IC of Mexico 1
Event Date: Sunday 22nd June 2014
Venue: The Hurlingham Club

On a beautiful summer's day we welcomed our visitors to the Hurlingham Club for the third and final match of their tour. Following yet another fantastic IC Ball at the Dorchester the previous evening, where the reigning Wimbledon Ladies Champion and guest of honour, Marion Bartoli, had given an inspiring speech - the players and supporters were enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to get on the grass. The courts were in superb condition and play kicked off with some close matches, the highlight of the first round being the match tie-break win by Simon Curtis and Johnny Barr.

The IC of GB continued this winning form through the day and emerged comfortable victors, 8-2 over the combined forces of Italy and Mexico. It was clear that the visitors had enjoyed their trip immensely, with the Italians and Mexicans swapping pairs amongst themselves towards the end of the day and all playing in great spirits.

The Hurlingham Club put on a fantastic show, with a full schedule of events including a BBQ, and of course the highlight of the Garden Party - the IC’s exhibition match between Davis Cup players Colin Fleming /Ross Hutchins and Jamie Murray/John Peers as they finalised their preparations for Wimbledon. The match temporarily halted the IC fixture as players wandered off to try and take onboard some tips for their last matches of the day! The Mexicans did not want the match to end and even persuaded Henk to play his 3rd match of the day with them, a fun end to a great day all round.

Many thanks to the Hurlingham Club for their hospitality, and to the players for committing to the match at this notoriously hectic time of year.

Peter Bretherton & Henk Nijeboer (GB) beat Roberto Pulido & Luis Bujan (MEX) 6-0 6-2
Chris Clarke & Mark Hadley (GB) beat Nando Cavelleri (ITA) & Damian (MEX) 7-6 6-0
Simon Curtis & Johnny Barr (GB) beat Jose Lopez & Javier Ordaz (MEX) 6-4 4-6 12-10
Keith Bland & Alec Allen (GB) beat Francesco Segnallini & Mauro Ricevuti (ITA) 7-5 6-1
Chris Clarke & Johnny Barr (GB) beat Giancarlo Sanagatta (ITA) & Damian (MEX) 6-1 6-2
Keith Bland & Peter Bretherton (GB) beat Raul Contreras & Jose Lopez (MEX) 6-4 6-2
Mark Hadley & Alec Allen (GB) beat Luis Bujan & Javier Ordaz (MEX)
Henk Nijeboer & Simon Curtis (GB) beat Gianfranco Favia & Edoardo Bianchi (ITA)
Ricardo Rodarte (MEX) & Gianfranco Favia (ITA) beat Edoardo Bianchi (MEX) & Dante Susinno (ITA)
Alvaro Cantu (MEX) & Ubaldo Scanagatta (ITA) beat Giancarlo Santi (ITA) & Raul Contreras (MEX)