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Pre WImbledon Hurlingham 23 June 2013

The annual pre-Wimbledon IC match at the Hurlingham took place on Sunday 23rd June, as always the last in the trio of matches against our visiting teams, who this year were Germany and Monaco. 

The forecast for the day did not fill us with confidence, and the shower half an hour before play was due to start was a little ominous. Luckily this was the last rain we saw and we were very fortunate to play the entire match on the grass courts at the Hurlingham, which were in perfect condition. The visiting teams had enjoyed a great time the previous evening at the IC Ball, and this match and it's setting was the perfect way to round off their trip. 

GB took control of the match from the off, and our strong team were too much for the visitors. The match of the day had to be the Ladies Doubles, with Stephanie Cornish and Philippa Coates splitting sets with Silke Meier and Elena Bergomi (5-7, 7-6) in a long battle with some great tennis. 

GB were clear winners on the day, taking 17 sets, to Germany's 7 and Monaco's 2. The match was played in fantastic spirit despite the slightly chilly conditions, and the visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the Hurlingham and the opportunity to watch the exhibition doubles match in the afternoon. 

I would especially like to thank Andrew Pisker and Jasper Cooper for making themselves available at the very last minute to play after a couple of late withdrawals. In my first year organising the event it made my job considerably easier!  

Results from the Hurlingham match between the ICs of  GB, Monaco and Germany follow:


Total sets

GB 17

Ger 7

Mon 2


Stephanie Cornish & Philippa Coates (GB)    split sets with Silke Meier-Heckmann & Elena Bergomi-Wagner (Ger)                        5-7 7-6

Yves Salaun & Federico Berra (Mon)            bt                                 Andrew Pisker & Jasper Cooper (GB)                                                                        6-2 7-6

Seb Jackson & Chris Clarke (GB)                 bt                                 Wolfgang Popp & Lutz Steinhoefel (Ger)                                                            6-2 6-2

Dr Ingo Mantzke & Alex Kurucz (Ger)              bt                                 Manuel Vallmayor & Zoltan Bacsa (Mon)                                                            6-3 6-1

Dirk Hinkel & Werner Schmuecking (Ger)    bt                                 Giuseppe Fazio & Philippe Blanchi (Mon)                                                    

Chris Clarke & Jeremy Woods (GB)              bt                                 Dr Hermann Buehlbecker & Wolfgang Popp (Ger)                            6-3 6-2

Henk Nijeboer & Stephanie Cornish (GB)     bt                                 Zoltan Bacsa & Gloria Saulneron (Mon)

Philippa Coates & Keith Bland (GB)             bt                                 Francesco Bogliolo & Denise Hugard (Mon)                                                 6-1 6-1 

Seb Jackson & Andrew Pisker (GB)              bt                                 Lutz Steinhoefel & Dr Ingo Mantzke (Ger)                                                   6-4 6-1 

Dennis Archer & Jeremy Woods (GB)                       bt                                 Giuseppe Fazio & Manuel Vallamayor (Mon)                                      6-1 6-1 

Henk Nijeboer & Keith Bland (GB)               bt                                 Alex Kurucz & Werner Schmuecking (Ger)                                                   6-2 6-2

Dr Hermann Buehlbecker & Silke Meier (Ger) bt                              Federico Berra & Gloria Saulneron (Mon)

Jasper Cooper & Dennis Archer (GB)                        bt                                 Francesco Bogliolo & Philippe Blanchi (Mon)                                      6-1 6-0