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Ted Avory - IC of USA - 25 & 26 July 2013

The Ted Avory match was played this year on the courts of the all England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC).  Our thanks to the AELTC for hosting the event and allowing the use of the Championship courts.

Overall this was a great event on and off the court with 22 players on each team.  The IC of USA team with partners numbered 50.  Feedback from the USA players and partners  was very positive.  The score sheet provides details of all the players and it would be difficult to single out any one player or players.  However, it is worth noting that the following IC of USA players were made Honorary Visiting Members of the IC of GB: Rick Leach, Tom Smith and Fran Chandler.  In return Paul and Christine French along with Robin Drysdale were made Honorary Visiting Members of the IC of USA.

We regained the trophy with a 37-19 win, although the match was closer than scoreline suggests with many of the 10 point deciding sets going our way.  The standard was extremley high with many top player on both teams.

There were three evening social events:
     1. Welcome Party at Peter and Jane Hannon's house
     2. Cocktail Party on the members' lawn at the All England
     3. Celebration dinner at the All England

Some word of thanks;
Particular thanks to the Hannon's not only for hosting the Welcome Party but also for arranging all the host families with whom the US players stayed (about half the US team). This local housing was very successful and the hosts should be thanked.  Chris Gorringe who kindly arranged two tours of the All England for the US party.

Mark George


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