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John Dunningham Trophy - IC of GB Vs. LTA

The IC went to the NTC in Roehampton on Saturday 17 November to be very well hosted by the LTA at their fantastic facilities to contest the John Dunningham Trophy.

Thank you to Helen, Richard and Damien for their excellent organisation and hospitality.

We arrived with a strong team of four ladies and four men for a day of singles and doubles against 14 - 16 year old LTA Juniors. Despite some late changes to the LTA girls (because one - our very own new Junior IC member Harriet Dart - was in the semi final of a Futures tournament in Birmingham!) the LTA proved too strong for us overall with both the IC men and ladies winning two and losing four of their matches. The result was 8-4 to the LTA overall.

The LTA Juniors can be commended for their level of play and professionalism.

Thank you to all who played for us and represented the IC so well, Steph Cornish, Vicky Brook, Laura Peterzan, Natalie Haden-Scott, Rich Wire, Rob Blythe and Josh Whiteman. A special thank you to Natalie who stepped in to play for us at the last minute (thanks Vicky!).

Thank you also to John Dunningham for being there for the day to support his match. He was impressed with the standard and consoled us by suggesting that the LTA should generally win!

We look forward to the match next year which is likely to take place on 16 November 2013.

Match details

Steph Cornish lost to Sabrina Bamburac 61 64.

Vicky Brook beat Laura Deigman 26 63 10-6.

Laura Peterzan beat Georgie Axon 64 62.

Natalie Haden-Scott lost to Jasmine Asghar 64 61.

Rich Wire beat Jonny O'Mara 63 62.

Rob Blythe lost to Alex Jaun 63 62.

I lost to Lewis Roskilly 63 75.

Josh Whiteman lost to Adam Glynn 63 63.

Steph/Laura lost to Bamburac/Deigman 63 61.

Vicky/Natalie lost to Axon/Asghar 61 61.

Wire/Blythe beat O'Mara/Jaun 76 76.

May/Whiteman lost to Roskilly/Glynn 64 46 13-11.

Jim May
Match manager