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IC of GB vs Oxbridge

Lena Keothavong kindly captained the IC team in the match against Oxbridge, which the IC won 5 matches to 1. Lena said that it was a beautiful day for some grass court tennis, albeit rather windy!! The full results are below and a picture of the teams is below.
Laura Peterzan (IC) beat Kadi Lis Saar (Oxbridge) 1-6 6-1 10-6
Frances Hendry (IC) beat Tess Braunerova (Oxbridge) 6-0 6-3 
Lena Keothavong (IC) beat Marrilena Papadopoulou (Oxbridge) 6-4 6-1
Andrea Hermansen (IC) beat Alex Attard-Manche (Oxbridge) 6-1 6-0
Laura Morrill and Emma Kudzin (Oxbridge) beat Laura Peterzan and Andrea Hermansen (IC) 6-3 7-5
Lena Keothavong and Frances Hendry (IC) beat Tess Braunerova and Alex Attard-Manche (Oxbridge) 6-4 6-1