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IC vs NTC juniors 13 November 2012

In order to increase the availability of matches to our newer members it was decided to increase the size of this match from two men and two ladies to four and four.  However, it proved difficult to find ladies to play, so a big thank you goes to Steph Cornish, Laura Peterzan and Anna Hawkins for being so accommodating and playing extra matches (and winning the majority of them!).  The ladies were on their way to winning five out of their six matches against strong LTA girls, but unfortunately Anna pulled a calf muscle when in the lead with Steph in their doubles.  Thank you also to the male side of the team, Richard Wire, Josh Whiteman, Jim May and Paddy May, who faired pretty well against four strong lads from Reeds School, but ended up 4-2 down for their six matches.  That meant it was 6-6 overall and it was decided that a mixed doubles Champions Tie-break would decide the match!  After their triumph the day before in the Autumn Mixed Meeting it was a logical decision to put Rich and Steph in, but some inspired and mature play from the Juniors saw them through.  A narrow loss for the IC but there was some excellent, well matched tennis.  Thank you to the NTC for hosting the match and to Helen Reesby for organising so well from their end.  Thank you also to our opponents who were very hospitable and friendly, I hope some future IC Members in the making!

Richard Wire beat Johnny Cornish 63 62
Josh Whiteman lost to Evan Hoyt 64 62
Jim May lost to Tom Colautti 76 62
Paddy May lost to Tommy Bennett 62 75
Steph Cornish beat Harriet Dart 76 60
Laura Peterzan lost to Lana Rush 63 62
Anna Hawkins beat Alannah Griffin 61 62
Steph Cornish beat Francesca Christie 64 60
Wire/Whiteman lost to Cornish/Hoyt 62 76
May/May beat Colautti/Bennett 64 62
Cornish/Hawkins retired vs Dart/Christie when 62 32 up
Laura Peterzan beat Alannah Griffin 62 62
Steph/Richard lost to Dart/Hoyt 10-6 champs t-break