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Pre Wimbledon Spain and Argentina Visit, 17th June 2009

The commencement of the IC Pre Wimbledon event was at Peter Mockridge and Ann Dawes mansion on the Tuesday evening with a welcome party for our IC guests from Argentina and Spain, a great time was has by all and a special thank you to Peter and Ann for their very kind hospitality.

On the match day we once again had to put up with poor weather. The matches started on the grass courts for the first hour and then we had to go indoors followed by the later matches being played on astro courts. The IC of Spain were too good for the other two teams on the day with a slightly younger team which proved to be the key factor. 

The presentation of the IC of GB bench to the Edgbaston Priory Club by David Waite to Micky Fallows(Chairman of the Edgbaston Priory Club) for all the support the Club have given to the IC of GB over the years was greatly appreciated by Micky Fallows on behalf of Edgbaston Priory LTC.

The dinner in the evening was a great success with 53 people attending with speeches from the three captains and our IC Captain Benson Greatrex and Micky Fallows. As is usual with the Pre Wimbledon format Carole and Philip Siviter entertained our guests at Stratford upon Avon which was once again a great success.

I would at this stage like to say a big thank you to Edgbaston Priory for looking after us in a very welcome way.

Philip Siviter


IC of Spain v IC of Argentina v IC of Great Britain
Order of play at Edbaston Priory 
June 17th 2009
11.00am approx.
Peter Mockridge & Ken Buswell v Antonio Durall & Alberto Esplugas Spain 6-1
Daniel Harms & Norberto Herrero v Martin Ladbrooke & Derek Bradshaw GB 6-4
Salvador Balil & Juan Maria Tintore v Hector Rosenvasser & Enrique Morea Spain 6-2
Marie Debrise & Mabel Bove v Carole Siviter & Montse Boter GB/SP 6-4
12.15pm approx.
Rollie Wilson & Micky Fallows v Fernando de Marinis & Martin Rosenbaum Arg 6-2
Javier Moreno & Carlos Homedes v John Howarth & Benson Greatrex Spain 6-4
Sergi Terraza & Francois Lehner v Eduardo Moline & Luis Cevasco Spain 6-1
Liz Litherland & Sally Grant v Graciela Lombardi & Marie Debrise GB 6-2
1.30pm approx.
Guy Litherland & Alec Davidson v Antonio Durall & Juan Maria Tintore Spain 6-3
Ralph Oliver & Philip Siviter v Hector Rosenvasser & Enrique Morea GB 6-2
Ken Buswell & Martin Ladbrooke v Javier Moreno & Salvador Balil Spain 6-4
Daniel Harms & Fernando de Marinis v Carlos Homedes & Alberto Esplugas Arg 6-4
2.45pm approx.
Sergi Terraza & Francois Lehner v Derek Bradshaw & Rollie Wilson Spain 7-5
John Howarth & Alec Davidson v Norberto Herrero & Eduardo Moline GB 6-1
Carole Siviter & Montse Boter v Graciela Lombardi & Mabel Bove GB/Sp 6-4
Martin Rosenbaum & Luis Cevasco v Micky Fallows & Benson Greatrex GB 6-4
4.00pm approx.
Fernando de Marinis & Enrique Morea v Carlos Homedes & Francois Lehner Spain 6-4
Javier Moreno & Sergi Terraza v Philip Siviter & Guy Litherland Spain 6-2
Liz Litherland & Sally Grant v Mabel Bove & Marie Debrise GB 6-4
Ralph Oliver & Peter Mockridge v Martin Rosenbaum & Eduardo Moline Arg 6-4
5.15pm approx.
Juan Maria Tintore & Alberto Esplugas v Luis Cevasco & Norberto Herrero Spain 6-4
Antonio Durall & Salvador Balil v Daniel Harms & Hector Rosenvasser Spain 6-3
1st place Spain 12 wins
2nd place GB 7 wins
3rd place Argentina 3 wins