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The award is made periodically to a player who has shown either in a single match or throughout his or her playing career the outstanding standard of sportsmanship commensurate with the objects of the International Lawn Tennis Clubs (ICs). The relevant objective of the ICs is to “develop, encourage and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and understanding among players of all nations AND AMONG YOUNG PLAYERS IN PARTICULAR”.
The selection process involved a panel of international tennis journalists who selected a group of players who would meet these criteria. This list was then endorsed or added to by the 38 International Clubs around the world and according to the support accorded to this list of players an extremely impressive shortlist emerged.
The tennis firmament is at present fortunate to have so many role models who would meet the criteria but there is one individual whose career in the eyes of the final selection panel is a bit different and that is Kim Clijsters.
The award ceremony took place on 19th June 2010 in the presence of many tennis players and officials and their partners at the annual pre-Wimbledon Ball of the International Club of Great Britain in the Dorchester Hotel in London. In attendance were the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Vice-Presidents, Committee Members and the Chief Executive of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, the President, Vice-President and Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association, Madame Janine Borotra, the President, Chairman and Committee members of the IC of GB, the President and many members of the IC of France, past winners of The Championships, Vijay Amritraj, a Vice-President of the Council of ICs  and a multitude of other players, officials and journalists. Also present were officials and guests of HSBC who have been very supportive of this event and tennis in and around Wimbledon generally.
The photos show Kim Clijsters with the IC Jean Borotra Award, Madame Janine Borotra, Barry Weatherill, Chairman of the Council of ICs and Vijay Amritraj.